Coronavirus: Insurance Update

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Sector Associates have set up a dedicated team to handle COVID19 insurance queries, having been inundated during the last week.


As the number of cases continue to increase, businesses in the hospitality and leisure sector have been questioning if they have any cover.


Managing Director Jamie Jenkinson said “We appreciate it is a unique situation and why those in the industry are concerned. Unfortunately there isn’t a standard answer due to the different policy wordings in the market.”


Coronavirus was recently declared a notifiable disease by the Government which lead many businesses to believe they were covered. This is not the case, plus there are other aspects to consider such as an outbreak near a venue but not at the venue. Many policies will also have inner limits applicable under this section.


Jamie added “It’s a complex issue which is why we have set this team up to give some advice to the industry. We may also be able to offer some solutions although I can foresee these becoming limited in the near future as the situation unfolds. The key for us is to provide independent advice to the industry.”


If you have any queries relating to your cover or fear you may not be covered, please get in touch with Jamie Jenkinson on 01845 527428 alternatively, you may wish to email us

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