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We have received a number of updates regarding the Coronavirus and insurance cover provided in the market.


Business Interruption


This part of the policy provides cover for a reduction in Revenue or Gross Profit should a business reduce trading. Some policies will specify which diseases they will cover, in which case Coronavirus will not be covered as it is a new strain and therefore not specified.

Other policies will provide cover for closure of the premises due to a Notifiable Disease. There will be a financial limit placed on this section of the policy.


If the premises aren’t directly affected, ie the local area is placed in quarantine there may be some cover under “Non Damage Denial of Access” but we would recommend that you speak with your insurance advisor regarding this. This part of the policy is open to interpretation and each policy wording differs.


Should bookings be cancelled due to fear of the outbreak, generally, insurance policies will not provide cover any reduction of revenue.


We would advise that you speak to us regarding any specific concerns or queries.

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