Our senior team have almost 60 years of experience between them and we will be delighted to assist you with your business insurance requirements. Call us on 01858 527 428 to speak to any of the Sector team or ask for any of them by name if you have been dealing with any one in particular.

  • Jamie Jenkinson
    Jamie Jenkinson Managing Director

    Jamie is the engine of Sector Associates. He has worked within the business insurance market for 16 years and founded PXL Insurance before selling the business in 2017.

    He has a complete understanding of the commercial insurance sector and prides himself on making sure customers have the right insurance for the risks associated. He has an extensive contact list which means there are rarely circumstances that your insurance needs cannot be resolved quickly and professionally.

  • Sarah Jenkinson
    Sarah Jenkinson Senior Account Executive

    It was Sarah, with her brother Jamie, who founded PXL Yorkshire, to become one of the leading hospitality insurance providers across the UK, before it was sold in 2017.

    Sarah’s knowledge of the insurance market ensures customers of Sector Associates enjoy first class service as Sarah works underwriters to secure your insurance at the best price and with the best cover.

  • Jo Pearson
    Jo Pearson Office Manager

    As Office Manager, Jo looks after new business and anything that might not be a ‘standard risk’. Jo has been part of the team for almost five years and is proud of the vast amount of money she has saved businesses in that time.

    Her focus on making certain that she has all the correct information to get you the best cover also means that should you have to make a claim – she knows you’ll be covered.

  • Nichola Jenkinson
    Nichola Jenkinson Renewal Executive

    Nichola looks after the renewals at Sector Associates. Her role is to ensure that the cover that was in place last year is still at the best price for your business and is adequate cover for your business needs.

    She achieves this by working closely with the underwriters to make sure you are getting the very best provider and one that understands your business and the risks associated.

  • Jessica Daynes
    Jessica Daynes Admin Manager

    With insurance comes paperwork and compliance and Jessica’s role is to ensure all of this is always up to date. Jess looks after the information required for the underwriters and keeps track of all claims as well.

    She has a fantastic eye for detail but is keen for the world of commercial business insurance to go paper-free! But in the meantime if you need a copy of your Insurance Certificate – she is the one to sort it.