Welcome to Sector Associates

We are an independent insurance broker based in North Yorkshire.

At Sector Associates we pride ourselves on the services we provide to our clients and we hope that you do not have cause to complain.

I have worked within the business insurance market for 20 years and founded PXL Insurance before selling the business in 2017.

At Sector Associates source business insurance for all businesses whatever their size or whatever their activity

Me and our team here at Sector Associates have a real passion for helping businesses when it comes to Insurance.

Me and our experienced team try our hardest in helping all types of businesses get the best cover and the best price which will be hard to beat

Sector Associates only use insurers who are financially strong meaning that they have the ability to accept risk and pay claims.

“Sector does more than just
work for us, it ensures our
customers and staff are safe
and the friendly team are
always there to help ”

Simon Hedges, Kings Arms Hotel


Insurance doesn’t need to be expensive, it most certainly does not need to be complicated and arranging it shouldn’t take you away from doing your day job…

Well, it won’t at Sector Associates – our team of experienced insurance professionals are based in the UK and will help you through every step of the process making sure you have the very best commercial insurance for your business at a price which will please every company.

We deal directly with the insurance markets so that we are able to work on each and every proposal with the best provider for your individual business insurance needs.

Based exclusively in the UK, including our claims team, Sector Associates can significantly reduce your cost and whilst doing so make sure you have the insurance cover which your business needs. There is little point in having insurance if it is not able to cover your losses should you ever need to make a claim.